Top Health Insurance Plans In Colorado

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has released its annual health insurance plan rankings. For Private Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2014-2015, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado was ranked as the top-ranked plan in Colorado and the 29th ranked plan in the United States.

Rankings are based on health plans’ quality, customer satisfaction and accreditation results.

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Top Private Health Insurance Plans in Colorado

National Rank Plan Name Product
29 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado HMO
99 Cigna HealthCare of Colorado HMO
112 HMO Colorado HMO
129 Aetna Life Insurance PPO
169 Connecticut General Life Insurance (Cigna) PPO
169 Cigna Health and Life Insurance PPO
178 UnitedHealthcare Insurance PPO
178 United HealthCare Services PPO
218 Rocky Mountain Healthcare Options PPO
237 Aetna Health (Pennsylvania) HMO
248 Rocky Mountain Health Plans HMO
292 Humana Health Plan of Texas (Austin) HMO
299 Humana Insurance PPO
332 Humana Health Plan of Texas (San Antonio) HMO
384 Humana Health Plan of Texas (Corpus Christi) HMO
387 Humana Health Plan HMO
407 Humana Health Plan of Texas (Houston) HMO
No Data Reported Denver Health Medical Plan HMO
Partial Data Reported Colorado Health OP PPO
Partial Data Reported UnitedHealthcare of Colorado HMO

Plans with partial or no data reported did not receive a national ranking.


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