Meet NCQA’s First Torda Fellow – Keri Christensen

Torda Fellow
Phyllis Torda

NCQA’s First Torda Fellow is Keri Christensen. The Torda Fellowship honors Phyllis Torda, a leader at NCQA, and in health care quality, who passed away in 2015.

The Torda Fellowship is year-long research stipend awarded for work that furthers the NCQA mission of improving health care quality.

NCQA’s First Torda Fellow; Keri Christensen

Keri Christensen is NCQA’s first Torda Fellow. Keri worked with Phyllis on various projects, and says she’s honored to continue those efforts. As fellow, Keri is researching how to collect and account for information about social risk factors in a value-based payment system.

Watch the video to learn about Keri’s work and hear what she has to say about the fellowship.

Read more about the Torda Fellowship and how to apply here.

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    1. You Mom was committed to her family and her work. NCQA is proud to further her mission with this fellowship. You must be so proud of her!

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