Heads Up: HEDIS® Public Comment Open Thru March 13

 Every year, we look to the public to comment on changes to our programs, procedures and processes.  

Next week, we’ll ask for input on our Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures.  

Public comment is an opportunity for health plans, purchasers, consumers and other stakeholders to weigh in on the relevance, scientific soundness and feasibility of new and revised measures, and to provide input on HEDIS guidelines.  

This year’s public comment is open through Tuesday, March, 13.  

Here’s a sneak peek on what you may want to comment on:  

  • New HEDIS measures that assess risk of chronic opioid use, hospitalization following discharge from a skilled nursing facility, health assessments for people with multiple high-risk chronic conditions, adult immunization status, prenatal immunization status and measures focusing on organizations that provide or coordinate long-term services and supports.  
  • Revisions to existing measures assessing blood pressure control, follow-up after emergency department visits for mental illness and hospital readmissions. 
  • Input on ways to shorten and update the HEDIS Health Plan CAHPS® survey that will reflect topics of current interest to our stakeholders.  
  • Potential strategies to address issues that apply across multiple measures. 
  • Changes to HEDIS general guidelines. 

Why Should I Comment? 

Our HEDIS measures are based on published clinical guidelines and published scientific evidence. When clinical guidelines change or new evidence becomes available in the scientific literature, NCQA reviews HEDIS measures to determine whether changes may be needed. NCQA convenes multi-stakeholder advisory groups—including independent scientists, clinicians, consumers and purchasers—to ensure that measures meet and balance the high standards of relevance, scientific soundness and feasibility. Public review and comment is an important part of developing and updating HEDIS measures. NCQA reviews all comments received during public comment and presents results to multi-stakeholder advisory groups and to the NCQA Committee on Performance Measurement for deliberation. 

How Do I Comment?  

Easy! Submit your comments right here.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

CAHPS® is a registered trademark of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

2 thoughts on “Heads Up: HEDIS® Public Comment Open Thru March 13

  1. The CAPHS survey is extremely too long! There are 80+ questions on it. If I received it, I would throw it away.
    The questions are very detailed and tedious. Consider the population you are surveying with this! Adults over the age of 65, with limited attention spans. If NCQA truly wants to capture data with this method, consider a survey less than 10 quality questions. The response will be better and the questions can be targeted to get specific information. Survey 4 times a year if you can’t cut the number of questions.

  2. Please don’t overwhelm me or intimidate me with complex surveys. Please give me the opportunity to speak, just keep things basic and with layman’s vocabulary. Its not easy sometimes to figure what you’re talking about.

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