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NCQA invites you to attend a Care Management Criteria, Strategies and Techniques Webinar on November 7 at 1pm ET

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Care Management: A Common Core

There are many paths to becoming a successful PCMH—they don’t all begin at the same point, and they generally depend on a region’s circumstances, preferences and quality landscape. But there are some things that all successful PCMH practices have in common:

  • Organization leadership. A team-based approach that involves everyone—physicians and nonphysicians alike—and takes advantage of health information technology to help improve quality of care.
  • Involving patients and families in quality improvement by asking them to participate on advisory committees or as patient navigators.
  • A systematic approach to quality improvement. Continually striving for excellence by gathering data on areas of population need, implementing interventions to improve quality and measuring results—then beginning the process all over again.
  • Sustaining transformation through receiving assistance—financial or technical, or both.

Practical Pointers

In the context of the medical home, care management assesses how a practice tracks tests, referrals and care transitions to coordinate patient care, lower costs, improve patient safety and ensure effective communication with specialists and other providers in the medical neighborhood. A PCMH’s ability to manage care comprehensively grows as its strategies align with the PCMH attributes of success.

Care Management Criteria, Strategies and Techniques is a look at NCQA’s PCMH care management requirements and an overview of best-practice approaches in different care delivery settings. At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the PCMH Recognition care management criteria and requirements.
  • Construct a strategy to meet care management goals in a variety of practice settings.
  • Prepare care management criteria and evidence for a virtual review.
  • Dual-purpose documentation to meet multiple criteria.

This on-demand webinar provides maintenance of certification credit (2 points) under “required continuing education” for PCMH CCEs. This is a non CME/CNE/CPE activity.

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Program Faculty

Christina Borden, PCMH CCE, is Director for NCQA’s Recognition Programs Policy and Resources. She oversees the development, implementation and promotion of NCQA Recognition programs, and maintains and improves NCQA programs as clinical measures and standards change. Christina also represents NCQA publicly, including in forums for sponsors, state and federal agencies, professional organizations and other partners. Before joining NCQA, she worked at the Association for Community Affiliated Plans, representing nonprofit safety net health plans, and as a health liaison on Capitol Hill.

Amanda Ciadella, MPH, PCMH CCE, has been a PCMH CCE since 2014 and has supported practices under the PCMH 2011, 2014 and 2017 standards. Amanda joined The Verden Group in 2017 as Senior Consultant, with a focus on the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics statewide PCMH project, where she supported over 27 practices with their PCMH goals. Her combined background in health administration and her recent work in population health management bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her clients. As Office Manager in a pediatrics practice in Crystal River, Florida, Amanda participated in a Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida pilot PCMH program and helped the practice earn NCQA Recognition.


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