2015 Health Plan Ratings: How Will Your Health Plan Rate?

This is the last year that NCQA will rank health plans. For 2015-2016, we will move to a system of rating health plans. Plans can find out what their results would have been for 2014-2015 using the new ratings methodology. Find out how to access your plan’s modeled rating here.

NCQA released rankings of the top Private, Medicare and Medicaid Health Plans in September. For the 2014-2015 rankings, NCQA ranked more than 1,000 health plans based on clinical performance, member satisfaction and results of NCQA Accreditation surveys.

Find details on the 2014–2015 and 2015–2016 methodologies, guidelines for marketing ranking results and FAQs at http://www.ncqa.org/rankingsinfo. Contact NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Rankings Help Desk at rankings@ncqa.org if you have questions.


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