What to Expect on Q-PASS

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NCQA officially launched the first of many redesigned recognition programs…and we started with PCMH recognition.

The biggest change in the PCMH recognition is the move away from a three-year cycle to an annual check-in process.  And there’s a lot more! Read about the benefits of the PCMH redesign here.

Q-PASS: Your Guide to Recognition

NCQA built the Quality Performance Assessment Support System (Q-PASS) to help guide you through the redesigned recognition process. Think EZ-PASS, but for PCMH recognition. Q-PASS is the web-based platform to submit information to NCQA.

Q-PASS is a user-friendly resource for you and your practice. When you log into Q-PASS, you’ll notice videos like the one below that explains the virtual review process. These short videos are meant to teach and engage you on the new process. Check out the video and let us know what you think- do you find it helpful? Comment below!



For more details about PCMH recognition and Q-PASS, visit our web site at ncqa.org/pcmh.

New to the PCMH model? Visit ncqa.org/pcmhedu to sign up for a training, webinar or PCMH Congress.

Amy Maciejowski
Amy Maciejowski is the Communications Specialist at NCQA. She supports internal and external communications for NCQA, aiming to increase NCQA’s consumer facing brand. She creates blog posts, social media strategies and infographics to bring awareness to the health care quality agenda. Amy holds a master’s degree in Political Communications from American University.

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