Spotlight on States: LTSS In Action

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There have been exciting developments at NCQA in the past few month, including our new Long-Term Services and Supports accreditation and distinction programs. NCQA LTSS programs measure what matters most to people with specific health care needs, such as older adults and individuals living with disabilities. Our evidence-based standards align with federal, state and Medicaid managed care requirements, and provide a framework for delivery of efficient, person-centered care.

See how three states are already using NCQA LTSS programs:


Virginia’s Department of Medical Assistance Services requires Medicaid managed care plans to obtain NCQA LTSS Distinction within 36 months of the onset of delivering care to members. (p. 151)



Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services requires Community HealthChoices plans to be accredited, and accepts NCQA Accreditation for Case Management for Long-Term Services and Supports. (p. 64)


The MassHealth Office of Long Term Services and Supports requires its adult foster care providers to be accredited and accepts NCQA Accreditation for Case Management for Long-Term Services and Supports. (p. 5)

To learn how NCQA LTSS programs can support your state efforts, email NCQA Public Policy at


Amy Maciejowski
Amy Maciejowski is the Communications Specialist at NCQA. She supports internal and external communications for NCQA, aiming to increase NCQA’s consumer facing brand. She creates blog posts, social media strategies and infographics to bring awareness to the health care quality agenda. Amy holds a master’s degree in Political Communications from American University.

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