Recognition Redesign Google Hangout: We Tried It. We liked It.

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The Google Hangout: Recognition Redesign

It’s finally here for your viewing pleasure, a cleaned up version of the NCQA Google Hangout discussing our Recognition Redesign efforts.  As you may know, the NCQA is overhauling the PCMH Recognition process in time for 2017. The goals?  We want to strengthen the link between Recognition and practice performance. We want to provide more support to practices. We want to reduce unnecessary work for practices. We want to to leverage investment in health information technology to support Recognition. Finally, we want to align PCMH activities with reporting requirements for other organizations.

Recognition Redesign Pilot Participants

The video will provide you with insight from organizations who participated in or pilot of some of the proposed changes. Our guests include Peggy Vazquez, RN, Director of Quality Improvement/Compliance, Primary Health Solutions, Loreta Villemez, Director of Data Analytics and Project Management, Neighborhood HealthCare and Joe Grundy, Director of Patient Care Transformation, Saint Luke’s Medical Group.  The original broadcast was an hour long. This edited version is shorter. It eliminates portions of the broadcast that were inaudible.

Even, with a full hour, we could not answer all the questions submitted online or on Twitter. Look for the answers to your questions in a series of blogs in the coming days, right here at

Matt Brock
Matt Brock is the Director of Communications at NCQA. After more than two decades working in broadcast journalism, Matt now leads NCQA’s efforts to develop unique content that engages and informs consumers as well as providers, plans and policymakers via this blog, our website, and numerous social media platforms. Matt’s goal is to educate consumers and to direct them to the best resources when considering quality in their health care decisions.

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