Inside Health Care: Re-Energizing Your Practice-How the PCMH Model Impacts Physician Burnout

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Physician Burnout
Mark H. Greenawald, MD, FAAFP
When we visit the doctor, we don’t often think, “I wonder how she/he is feeling today?”  Few of us realize there is such a thing as physician burnout. It’s apparently an epidemic in healthcare and poses a serious challenge to achieving the Triple Aim of better patient care and better population health at a lower cost.
In this episode of Inside Healthcare, Dr. Mark H. Greenawald, Vice Chair, Academic Affairs and Professional Development, Carilion Clinic talks about the ‘4th Aim’ of health care — the importance of caring for the caregivers. Dr. Greenawald describes the solutions they’ve put into place in the Carillon Clinic health system (as featured in US News and World Report) and how those solutions can also apply to health systems and individual practices.
We caught up with Dr. Greenawald at the PCMH Congress in Orlando where he spoke to the general session about this physician burnout epidemic.
Listen to the Inside Health Care Podcast here.

Highlights from the podcast

• What is physician burnout and what does it mean for health care?
• How can clinician burnout be addressed from an organizational perspective?
• How does the patient-centered medical home model take the burden off clinicians and ease burnout?

More on Dr. Greenawald

Vice Chair, Academic Affairs and Professional Development, Carilion Clinic, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Professor and Vice Chair of Family and Community Medicine, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Medical Director of Physician Leadership and Professional Development and Chair, Professional Well-Being Committee, Carilion Clinic.

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