Quality Talks 2017: The Complete Livestream

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NCQA tried something new this year at Quality Talks–a broadcast-style program hosted by Director of Communications and veteran TV news reporter Matt Brock.

Click on the links below to skip to a specific segment to watch:

  • NCQA LIVE: Hosted by Matt Brock, Director of Communications, NCQA 00:00
  • Andy Reynolds, Assistant Vice President Marketing & Communications, NCQA 00:40
  • Margaret E. O’Kane, President, NCQA 4:50
  • Leonard D’Avolio, Phd, CEO and Co-founder, Cyft 19:37
  • Lynn M. Banaszak Founding Executive Director, Disruptive Health Technology Institute 0:36:28
  • George Kassabgi Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer, Seniorlink 0:54:34
  • NCQA LIVE: Hosted by Matt Brock, Director of Communications, NCQA 1:10:51
  • NCQA LIVE: Interview with Kim Collins, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, Inovalon 1:22:51
  • NCQA LIVE: Interview with Andy Baskin, National Medical Director, Aetna 1:28:37
  • Kyle Hill, Co-Founder & CEO, Harvey 1:34:14
  • Nneka Mokwunye Sederstrom, PhD, FCCP, Director of Ethics, Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota 1:47:07
  • Maria Gomez CEO and Founder, Mary’s Center 2:04:44
  • Martin A. Makary, MD, MPH Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 2:20:07
  • NCQA LIVE: Hosted by Matt Brock, Director of Communications, NCQA 2:38:21
  • NCQA LIVE: Interview with Meg Murray, CEO, Association for Community Affiliated Plans 2:48:37
  • NCQA LIVE: Interview with Maureen Hennessey, SVP and Director, Quality and Population Health Solutions, Precision for Value 3:10:14
  • NCQA LIVE: Interview with Leonard D’Avolio, Phd, CEO and Co-founder, Cyft 3:17:23
  • Shereef Elnahal, MD, MBA Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health, Chief of Quality, Safety, and Value at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 3:22:23
  • Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP Chief Health Officer, IBM Watson Health, President, Integrated Health Services, IBM 3:37:23
  • Josh Rosenthal, PhD Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, RowdMap, Inc. 3:55:31
Michael Braaten
Michael Braaten is a Corporate Relations Specialist with NCQA and has been with the organization since 2016.

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