Navigating Through Q-PASS: A Video Tutorial

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We know you’ve heard: Q-PASS is the new way for practices to submit information to NCQA and manage their recognition under the redesigned program.

To help our customers through the new process, NCQA has produced a video tutorial: Navigating Through Q-PASS. NCQA’s own “Q-PASS King,” Bill Tulloch, will lead you step by step through everything from creating a new account, to evidence check-in, to scheduling a virtual review. qpass

Watch the videos at your own pace. Click a link below to watch a specific segment.

1 Intro
2 Create a new account in Q-PASS
3 Create a new organization
4 Add primary and secondary users and defining roles
5 Enrolling in PCMH
6 Add clinician(s)
7 Manage clinicians to multiple site locations
8 Sign legal agreements
9 Create and pay invoice(s)
10 Applying discount codes
11 Final checklist to complete enrollment
12 Claim existing organization
13 Ask NCQA a question
14 Find resources
15 Uploading evidence for practice site(s)
16 Uploading and/or linking evidence for core criteria
17 Providing evidence a documented process and implementation before check-ins
18 Linking the same evidence to multiple criteria
19 Attesting to criteria if currently PCMH Recognized
20 Checking-in evidence & scheduling virtual review
21 Reviewing your results


Michael Braaten
Michael Braaten is a Corporate Relations Specialist with NCQA and has been with the organization since 2016.

2 thoughts on “Navigating Through Q-PASS: A Video Tutorial

  1. This is great….I just have a quick question how far in advance should the first virtual review be scheduled prior to your site’s expiaration?

    1. Thank you for your question Vivian! For practices that are brand new to PCMH recognition, we suggest that it may take 8-12 months to fully transform and obtain Recognition. Practices should enroll with NCQA, via the Q-PASS platform, once they have begun to prepare and are ready to get started. The virtual review schedule is flexible and depends how organized and prepared the practice is. They have 12 months and up to 3 check-ins to receive recognition.

      For practices that are currently PCMH recognized, they are eligible to come through an accelerated renewal that will allow practices to attest to many of the requirements and provide evidence for a more limited set of requirements. For those practices, we think it will take around 4-6 months to achieve recognition.

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