Making Health Care Better

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Making Health Care Better
Making Health Care Better

At NCQA, we are all about making health care better – better for patients, better for physicians, better for practices. Better health care all around. We know that when health care is coordinated and organized, practices provide greater health care access and can better meet the needs of each individual patient.

As health care continues to improve, we are improving what we do as well.  We recently revamped our Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition Program to streamline the recognition process.

Making Health Care Better

I invite you to take a look at this video with our own Dr. Michael S. Barr, Executive Vice President, Quality Measurement and Research Group.  Here, he explains NCQA’s improved PCMH Recognition Program and what it means for practices, patients and health care.

Research shows PCMHs improve quality, the patient experience and staff satisfaction, while reducing health care costs.  How? The PCMH model puts patients at the forefront of care by building better relationships between people and their clinical care teams.

Better relationships mean people see their doctors not just when they’re sick but every year…for annual wellness visits where doctors can ensure patients are getting the preventive screenings and vaccinations they need and talking with  patients about their diet, exercise and other lifestyle habits.

This continuum of care is meant to keep people healthy, which in turn keeps people happy and keeps costs down.  That’s a patient-centered approach to care that leads to healthier and happier patients.

And that is what we mean by making health care better.

Cindy Peña
Cindy is Senior Communications Manager at NCQA. Her focus is building consumer awareness through media and public relations. A communications and public engagement strategist with a background steeped in TV news reporting, Cindy is also part of NCQA’s Creative Services unit developing messaging through visual storytelling.

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