HEDIS® Updates Hangout: We’ve Got the Video (It’s not YouTube)

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If you missed the HEDIS® updates Webinar Wednesday, we think you missed an engaging and informative conversation about this year’s updates and their technical specifications. You missed the background on why the decisions were made to add measures and change others. We also discussed the administrative challenges of HEDIS updates and what we can expect in the future. Even more, there was a preview of the updates to Health Plan Accreditation Standards and Guidelines due out in full next week.

HEDIS Updates Hangout: YouTube and Your Firewall

We are aware that some of you tried to tune in but couldn’t break through your office firewall that blocks some video streaming services. We apologize. We are working on ways to simulcast all our video presentations. We know they are no good to you, if you can’t reach them. So, in future presentations, look for more options for viewing. For this one, we’ve posted the video here so you can catch up.

Still not making it through your firewall? Here’s an alternative.

In addition, here are the slides from the presentation:


QnA: The Hangout is Not Over

So, you likely have questions. We ask that you submit them in the comments section below and we’ll get answers. Already, the questions submitted during the live hangout are being circulated among our HEDIS and Accreditation experts. We’ll post answers right here in the blog in the coming days. Make sure you bookmark the blog.


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